Dennis “Shonuff“ Bowles is no stranger to good music! Combustible,Smooth and Exciting..just a few words that could describe author, musician,songwriter and entertainer, Dennis Bowles. Having grown up with music in the metropolitan area, Dennis can talk for hours about the glory days of Motown from first hand experience. Dennis the younger of “Funkbrother”Thomas “Beans” Bowles two sons is the only surviving member of the Bowles family. Dennis doesn’t merely talk about the history of Detroit’s music,Dennis writes about it in the book Dr.Beans Bowles “Fingertips” The Untold Story. Mentored by both his father  and the Motown talent around him, Dennis started performing professionally in the 1960 at the early age of seven. By the 1970s young Bowles continued with his own family group The Other Brothers Organization into the 1980s. Over the years Dennis performed with internationally known groups such as The Temptations, The Contours,Enchantment,The Undisputed Truth, The Floters and many more.Dennis also performed with Stevie Wonder in the 1992 concert in Thr Tribute to Beans Bowles. Futhermore Dennis has performed the with the International Graystone Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Beans Bowles at the 1995 Montreaux Jazz Festival held in Detroit. His amazing career has continued right until today. Dennis has much to reflect upon as he looks back over the years.

Touring with Martha Reeves as a Youngster, Dennis traveled as band boy with his dad. In those formative years and close associations, Dennis was also inspired by personalities like Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Spinners, Tammie Terrell,Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, Marvin Gaye,TheFour Tops, Billy Eckstein and Berry Gordy just to name a few.

Even as a youngster Dennis was taught to wear alot of hats and this training continues to be more evident even in the more recent years. Dennis was responsible for booking The International Jazz Orchestra In Jamaica to perform The Johnny Bristol Celebrity 1997 golf tournament ​​​​. In show biz circles today,Dennis also goes by the nickname of “Shonuff”which was given to him by the late Bill Murray, official MC of the Motown Revue.

Dennis continues to exhibit his talent as a singer and songwriter as well as a musician. Dennis still pursues a never ending challenge for his artistry by mastering the flute as well as maintaining his skills with the sax and piano. His rich experiences combined with knowledge and techniques extracted from the instruments he plays have made Dennis the vibrant,colorful entertainer he is today. Dennis “Shonuff” Bowles is truly the keeper of the flame in the Bowles Legacy. He is a rare treasure from the glory days of Detroit and Motown music.












Dennis “Shonuff” Bowles will surely continue the Great Legacy of the renowned “Bowles” name by preserving the incomparable standard of entertainment excellence!